Color Correspondences

I would like to preface this list by saying that, honestly, color correspondences are
an intensely personal thing. This list should be taken as a guide- nothing more, and I want to ensure you that if you feel drawn towards a certain color more-so than the ‘proper’ color, it will not hinder your results. You should go with your gut here, and exchanging a few colors wont cause some tragedy to befall you, I promise.

Oh, and to enhance readability, for the purposes of this chart, black will be dark gray.

White: Unity, Purity, Protection, Truth, Meditation, Peace, Sincerity, Justice, warding off of doubts and fears. White is also representative of the whole spectrum of color, so in many cases white candles can be used to substitute other color candles if you do not have them. White ribbon is the type to use for rituals of questionable nature (Example- binding rituals) where your intent is pure and you want to represent that as well. Tarot and Runes should be read on a desaturated color cloth- this means white, off-white, silver/gray, or black.

Black Ward off negativity, Remove hexes, Protection, Spell returning or reversing, Banishing, Barrier making, Removing confusion or discord, The Universe, Night, and of course Darkness. Black is not a bad color, in fact it is mostly used for protection or removing hexes. It can also be used to set up energy barriers in a more intense way. Most black gemstones or materials will be able to ground energy they encounter, so if they are set up as a barrier they would simply return all negative energy to the Earth, in a purified form. Black is also wonderful for meditation for those who do not like thinking of white all the time.

Gray Non-Nature-Type magick, Faerie and Spirit work, Communication, Travel or communication across realms, neutrality. Gray can be used for something called Veiling, which basically means hiding yourself or someone else’s energy signature. This is a good form of protection for psychic attacks or probing in cases where the person attempting it does not know you physically. However, once people have physically met you, it is best to stick to shielding.

Gold Male energy, Sun energy, Power, Physical Strength, Success, Achievement, Mental growth, Skill sought, Healing energy, Intuition, Divination, Fortune. Gold is typically thought of as a symbol of wealth. Although we no longer use gold coins, gold candles and gold colors can be used in visualizations and meditations as a way of focusing yourself on fortune, or success. It is said that if you are devout in this, the law of attraction will bring you the opportunities to obtain what you seek. Gold is used to represent the ‘Lord’ in the Lord and Lady pairing, if you worship via those means.

Silver Female energy, Moon energy, Meditation, Psychic development, Balance, inner progress through introspection and relaxation. Silver is a great color for energizing and purifying yourself. It is a very unique color, blending aspects of white and gray, and reflecting light as well, in the case of certain silvertone metals, paints, and materials. Silver, the metal, is popular for grafting projects, as well as silver metal leafing. Glass or crystal runes crafted by your own hand, with silver writing on them, will feel wonderful, light, pure to work with. Silver is used to represent the ‘Lady’ in the Lord and Lady pairing, if you worship via those means.

Red Fire elemental, Strength, Power, Energy, Health, Vigor, Enthusiasm, Courage, Passion, Sexuality, Protection. Red is a very powerful color, and it makes a great addition to many spells and spell-related crafts. If you are painting a talisman, do some designs in red, focusing on the power and drive that will lend to your spell. Red is also very closely related to sexuality, and this can even be seen in mundane day-to-day activities. For example, it is common for even uninformed people to use red lingerie, red roses, or red rose petals and candles, to try and get a spicy night with their lover. Red is a color that seems to affect people simply by being seen, a very impactful color, one that proudly displays Power, Sex, and Passion as it’s purpose. It is possible that this reverence of the color Red has been collected universally by living creatures, as many powerful, dangerous animals have stark red markings. So of course, if you are making a protection amulet, red is a great color for more offensive protection, if you are into that sort of thing.

Rose Maintaining health, Passion, Peace, patience. Rose is a similar color to red but it is much more peaceful. It is more of a soft red, and as such it can be used for more tender usages, like healing. Rose is a sensual, but relaxing color, because it is not as stark and in-your-face as bright, bright red.

Pink Honor, Mortality, Friendship, Emotional love, Compassion and Relaxation. Pink is somewhat widely used as a color to represent innocence, love, purity, and other light concepts. For love workings, pink or red ribbon is best, but pink will have a much more natural affect, as pink genuinely inspires an emotional connection- whether as friends or as more. Because pink is good for friendship, it is also exquisite for helping to repair friendships on the rocks, paired with another color, like white, to signify your intentions.

Peach Strength, protection, Confidence, and Communication. Peach, along with other beige-like, off-white colors, is somewhat of a universal color as well. Peach is rarely used on its own, and works best when paired with other colors to give them an extra boost. If for some reason you can only find peach candles and materials, and not white ones, it would work just as well to use the peach.

Orange Strength, Healing, Pulling things to you, Adaptability, Luck, Vitality, Encouragement, Clearing the mind, Dominance, Legal matters. Orange is a bright and intense color, and can be used for ‘charging’ meditations. If you focus on the energy and brightness of the orange color, and bring it into yourself, you’ll find yourself quickly charged and full of energy to devote towards whatever purpose you want to achieve. Orange can be used to represent male energies and the sun, if you do not have any gold available.

Yellow Air Element, Light, Divination, Clairvoyance, Mental alertness, Intellectual growth, Prosperity, Learning, changes, Harmony, Creativity, Confidence, Communication, Study, Travel. Yellow is another energetic color. It enhances and boosts mental ability that is not directly related to psychic activities. It’s also a very creative and inspiring color. Some yellow stones, like Citrine, are the very embodiment of this energy. Citrine is the ultimate stone for creating pure, light energy and it also is very, very good for inspiration. It will help you clear your mind if you need to study. Try a Citrine bracelet or charm if you have some upcoming tests, or create charged water by placing citrine in the water and leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight for 12 hours. It will become charged with this clearing, light energy, and it will be absorbed into your body when you drink it.

Brown Earth elemental, endurance, Animal health, Steadiness, Houses and homes, Physical objects, Uncertainties. Brown is a very strong color, related to the rock/soil/ground side of the earth element. It is very strong, and can be used to give yourself a tough, determined resolve towards whatever your goal is. Meditating on this color will bring you a sense of peace, a sense of literally being down to Earth. If you can meditate on it while you are outside, sitting or standing on the ground, it will become even stronger. You can use this color in magick directed towards yourself, to bring confidence, or to someone else who you see is struggling with their resolve.

Green Earth elemental, herb magick, Nature-type faerie magick, Luck, Fertility, Healing, Balance, Employment, Prosperity, Courage, Agriculture, Changing direction or attitudes, Growth. Green is attached to the lush, forest and plant side of the Earth element. This color is the one to use if you want to connect to the pure, serene energies of nature and plantlife. It can also be used to try and enhance your luck, or to help you in your spiritual growth. Green is an extraordinarily versatile color, and yet a very relaxing one. Meditating on the green, lush color of trees and plants, listening to the sounds of nature, it can also enhance your mental clarity.

Emerald Green This color is most often used in Venusian or Cytherian rituals, it’s said to attract love, social delights, and fertility. Outside of that specific sort of ritual, Emerald Green is often used as normal green.

Dark green Greed, ambition, jealousy. This color can be used to counteract Greed and Jealousy in a ritual, or it can be used to signify and mark your personal ambition.

Turquoise Healing, prosperity, peace, and growth. Turquoise is a soothing color, great for meditation and healing. For people new to meditation, a very soft, gentle color like this is often best.

Blue Health, Psychic awareness, Intuition, Opportunity, Understanding, Quests, Safe journey, Patience, Tranquility, Ward off depression. Female energy, Water Elemental, Truth, Dreams, Protection, Change, Meditation, Impulse. Blue is often referred to as a very emotional color, because it is so closely connected to the element of water. However, in reality, Blue is very versatile. It is wonderful for healing and meditation, and if you use blue to ‘connect’ with water energies, you can use the color and the energy attached to it to cleanse yourself. Simply imagine pure, blue waters washing away all your stress, pain, and negativity. If you have an ailment, visualize the color swirling and wrapping around the afflicted area, washing it clean and protecting it as it heals.

Royal Blue Promotes laughter and joviality, color of loyalty, use to attract Jupiter energy, or whenever an influence needs to be increased. Royal blue can be used to strengthen or repair bonds between good friends, or when a situation needs to be lightened up. The energy is variant in nature, depending on how you are using it.

Light Blue Spiritual color, helpful in devotional or inspirational meditations, brings peace and tranquility to the home, radiates Aquarius energy, employ where a situation must be synthesized. Light blue can be used to represent spirit energy, for example if you wish to journey in your meditations, you could see yourself as a light blue figure made of energy, and you could follow your sense of where to go in your meditation. Meditations such as this work best when you are inspired, feel the ‘pull’ to go on such a journey or if you are outdoors or have music, as you can let the sound guide you.

Purple Power, Spiritual development, Intuition, Ambition, Healing, Progress, Business, Spiritual Communication, Protection, Occult Wisdom, Meditation. Purple is the color of the third eye. It can be used for meditative purposes, and is especially useful for opening the third eye and thus expanding one’s intuitive and psychic abilities. Try to visualize purple light enveloping you and washing through you, then cycling out of your body and back in through your third eye. Allowing this powerful psychic energy to permeate your being will further your psychic prowess, especially if you concentrate on the power of this color. As well, if making a dream bag, purple is probably the color the bag should be, unless it is for a different specialized purpose.

Orchid Physical Energy, Happiness, Power, and Healing. Close to pink, Orchid is a mix of pink and purple. It is a light color, not as intense as red or orange, and can be used for meditation to increase one’s energy steadily as opposed to the bursts intense colors will get you.

Violet Spirituality, Friendship, Relaxation, and Peace. Self-improvement, Intuition, Success in searches. Violet is very close to purple, differing in that it is more specialized and a bit more mellow. It is a good meditation color, and can be used in the place of purple if you do not have any purple material or markers etc on hand.

Magenta Combination of red and violet that oscillates on a height frequency; energizes rituals where immediate action and high levels of power or spiritual healing are required. Magenta seems to be connected to the spectrum of energy referred to as infrared. It has a very high vibration level, and is extremely intense despite being a darker color. Magenta can be used as a supplement to any spell, along with white candles for extra charge. Sigils or talismans are often drawn in magenta or they have magenta/red markings on them.

Indigo Color of inertia, stops situations, or people. Indigo is used in rituals that require a deep meditation state or in rituals that demand Saturn energy. Meditation, Spirit Communication, Karma, Spell Workings, Learn the ancient wisdom, Neutralize another’s magick, Ward off slander. Indigo is a dark, formidable union of blue and purple. It is much like Magenta in that is is a powerful color, and it can be used to charge spells of the above nature, as well as a charge for any spells where you would use blue or purple. Indigo is sometimes used as a supplement rather than magenta in these cases because it matches blue and purple better, and keeps that mental connotation with the blue/purple spectrum when you work with it.


Grounding: What It Is And Why it’s important

We touched on grounding in our article on energy manipulation, however, we did not explain why it is important to actually do it. There is a large misconception in the metaphysical community that ‘power’ works in our world like it does in Dragonball Z, and more energy = more power, which is good.

This is wrong. Energy is an entirely different thing from power, and the amount of energy one carries within them has very little to do with how ‘powerful’ one is. In fact, there is no accurate way to measure power or abilities- In this sense, your strength lies entirely within yourself.

You will know what you can handle and what you can’t, and forcing yourself to contain unsafe amounts of energy is not the way to become stronger.
In fact, holding on to excess energy is one of the best ways to make yourself sick. The easiest way to explain this is via a simile. Energy is like bread. It’s tasty in small amounts, but if you eat a lot of it, you’ll get sick- and if you keep it too long, it gets stale, and eventually rather nasty.

This simile is very, very accurate, and will help us describe how new practitioners get ‘addicted’ to energy. Once someone gets their first taste of energy raising or manipulation, they usually feel it almost like a high. They will be very personally proud of their success, and attempt to keep gathering more and more energy to keep that personal pride going, thinking they are making progress.
Soon, they will begin to feel restless, as if they have consumed a large amount of caffeine. Eventually this turns into massive migraines, inability to sleep, and vulnerability to stress.

Why is this? Well, energy, as we know, can be programmed.

This can happen unintentionally as well as when we are trying to do it on purpose. If we have lots of stagnant energy we haven’t gotten rid of, it will pick up things from our everyday life. Remnants of what ourselves, or others, are feeling. These feelings will become rooted in the energy, and your body, trying to handle and process it, will become tired and sick. You’ll feel stressed from very small events, and you may have symptoms of depression.

While the energy is fresh and new, you’ll simply feel energetic and supercharged. Its only when the energy begins to stagnate that it becomes truly dangerous, however some people can get migraines from too much energy in general- clean or not.

Now that we’ve hopefully established why you do not want excess energy hanging around, lets go into how to get rid of it.

The Root Method
This is the most popular method, and one of the easier ones if you know visualization. Stand or sit with your feet flat on the ground and get into a meditative and relaxed state. Visualize roots, like tree roots, reaching down from your feet and stretching deep into the Earth. Now, feel yourself pushing all this stagnant energy down through these roots, filtering through to the Earth, to be cleansed and reused in the endless cycle of life.
When you’re finished, simply imagine these roots coming back up into your feet, and slowly come out of your meditative state.

Grounding by Eating
This may sound odd, but it is actually possible to ground yourself by eating. The best foods for this are very fibrous foods, and meat. This does not work for large amounts of energy, but can keep you grounded on a daily basis.

Grounding with Crystals
If you’ve found a crystal that claims it has ‘grounding’ energies, and never known how to use it for grounding, here’s how. Hold the crystal in both of your hands and take all your stagnant energy, all your stressful energy, all your anger, and push that energy into the stone.

Afterwards, cleanse it in any way you see fit. This is a good practice, and I personally use Obsidian for this. I also push out painful experiences or memories, or anger and pain when I am going through tough times.

These three methods work very well, and are not very hard at all. You can even experiment and make your own methods for grounding! As long as it takes your stagnant energy and pushes it outside of yourself in a way that is not harming anyone else, it will work.

Make sure to keep yourself grounded, and practice grounding after every spell, or every energy raising exercise.

Beginning Witchcraft: Spellcraft

If you’re looking at this, you’ve probably read every other Beginning Witchcraft article here (and if you haven’t, you should), and you’re wondering… “Well, all those things are nice.. but what about actual spells?”. Taking the leap from study to practice is a hard thing to do, and equally as hard to write about- it’s a very personal experience for all of us.

There is no easy way to do it, either. There is no foolproof beginner’s spell, there is no step-by-step guide on how to do it, and there is no technique that works for everyone. This does not mean, however, that no help can be offered to you. Too often, when someone is not guided through this process, and even sometimes when they are guided, they don’t succeed and they become disillusioned with magick. They believe it doesn’t work, and it’s worthless. It’s for this reason that we cannot provide any specific ‘beginner’ spell to you- What worked for us may not work as well for yourself, and no spell is as powerful as one you, yourself, have written.

That said, we can point you in the right direction and help you get a spell created. Generally, when starting off, you should try a ‘safe’ spell, such as a spell for prosperity, protection, or good health. These are all well-wishing spells, and so if you fail, at least you’re no worse off than when you began.

Making spells is also a tricky thing. Most spells you will see online will include candles, herbs, incenses- this is not what you need to worry about right now. Anything besides simple words and chants should be considered advanced spell making, and though we will cover this in another article, it is not welcoming to the novice witch. So, lets walk through creating a basic spell, shall we?

When you make a spell, first you must decide the purpose. For example, lets say I want to attract prosperity to myself.
Next, put that wish into words- some people like them to rhyme, and some people don’t mind either way. I like rhyming since it makes it easier to chant, and thus easier to raise energy with. So for me, I would say “Bless me, winds of prosperity; Take my burdens, make me free; Bless me, so mote it be”
Ending with “So mote it be” is also a personal preference- Some people add it only at the end of the spell, said with authority, as a way to command the energy they have raised to carry the spell to completion.

And well, it’s that simple. Making spells is as easy as writing poetry, perhaps easier- what’s hard is casting them. We’ve taught you to raise energy, program energy, and manipulate energy… But now you must put those into practice.
Chant your spell, or use another method, to raise your energy, then focus on the chant and the objective of the spell to program it- Finally, command the energy, or simply send it off in a way you prefer, to complete the spell. It helps to, before the spell, meditate and see your objective coming to fruition. Concentrate only on your spell, your objective, and sending the energy you raise to complete it.
That’s really all there is to it- it sounds much more complex than it is, and I encourage you to try it and, if you must, just wing your way through the process before condemning it. You may find that with your practice meditating and controlling energy has given you a leg up- and I hope that is what you find.

Now you may wonder, “Don’t I have to cast a circle, or light candles, or do any of that stuff?” well, the answer is yes and no. Some people say yes, and some say no. Casting a circle is done for protection, however some witches do not do it at all, and casting a circle is, in itself, a personal form of witchcraft. Everyone does it a little differently and us telling you “This is how you do it, and you must do it every time” would be wrong of us. It is personal preference and little more. If you feel that you need it, then please ask and we will assist you- but if you are okay without it, then just practice and see how you do.

Candles are used in candle magick and occasionally meditation, however these are not needed. Candles, crystals, herbs, incense, all these things are extra elements that can enhance a spell, but as a beginner, you needn’t worry about having the right color of candle, or the right incense or herb. It is too much to thrust onto a beginner, and I encourage you to experiment and get comfortable with whatever your first, original spell is before you step into spells with many extra components.

With all this said- I wish you luck, and I apologize that more guidance cannot, in good faith, be offered. It is best to think of this as a learning experience- Everyone practices witchcraft a different way, everyone has a different style, and it is up to you to let your style emerge and let your creativity flourish. Whether your spell is three lines long or fifty, whether it rhymes or it doesn’t- as long as you feel in your heart it is right, it is right. Nobody can, or should, tell you differently.

Beginning Witchcraft: Now What Do I Do?

Okay! So you’ve done your research. You’ve read and studied every source you could get your hands on. You have a basic or better understanding of energy work, and you’ve experimented and done many exercises such as meditation, raising the energy, grounding and centering. But wait. Now you’re wondering… “Now what do I do?”
This is that point in the topic where you start to leave the 101 stage. By now, everything you pick up at a bookstore and read is generally the same information tossed at you with a different twist or angle. You’re now able to discern what factual history is and what’s fabricated. You figure out what kinds of methods of magic work for you. But where do you go from there? You know…Like…What do you ‘do’ with your newly acquired abilities?

Find something you like or you might take an interest in. Read up and explore what there is out there, or even make stuff up yourself!

Do you want to go into divination? You can work with many different tools and methods. You could go from Tarot to water scrying to mirror divinations, pendulums, and even candle work. Whatever strikes your fancy, you could start learning about. This is all about seeing your inner self, your spirit, contacting the divine and even precognition sometimes.

Do you like Herbs? This is a BROAD topic. You can use herbs in healing works, spells, teas, salves, oils, and vitamin supplements. But because there are SO many different types of herbs, and ways to use them, it is especially important that you learn about any and every herb you want to work with, especially consumption wise- Some are not meant for that. You could even study herbs formally at a school, get into medicine and botany. The possibilities here are endless.

Do you have an interest in the healing arts? This is also a very broad study, and you could work with almost anything here. You could try taking reiki classes, yoga, read up on the chakras, make some healing spells, and holistic health with herbs, as mentioned above.

Spellcraft? Many (but not all) Pagans have a deep rooting in spellcraft, and any one of the aforementioned suggestions can be incorporated into spellcraft. This, like many of the previous things I mentioned, can be done in many ways. Although most of the spellwork you will want to do might require you to consider ethical decisions and make certain choices in your intention, do not be afraid to explore and expand on this. Spellwork, like the rest of the skills listed here, can be a perfect opportunity to hone your energy control and visualization, and help clarify your intentions more and more. It also comes with trial and error, but the benefits of the work and energy you put into a spell can be very rewarding.

As I mentioned above, this is where you start moving past the 101s and explore your personal abilities and what you might be good at doing. It’s important that you find something you like, so that your energy won’t be dormant, and that you won’t quit on it. By that same token, you might choose to do a little bit of everything! You may like the tarot, and the scrying and the herbs! But remember not to stretch yourself too thin!

On a final note, I suggest wholeheartedly that you keep a journal at your side constantly as you work at different types of magic. You might find something very useful looking back on those notes you jotted down years ago. As always, have confidence in yourself, be strong and you can do whatever your heart desires. Moving past those basics is always the most difficult part, because it is a very independent decision. It is YOUR decision.

Beginning Witchcraft: Energy Raising Methods

In order to work magic, you need to learn how to raise the energy FOR the magic. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can do this, and some of them can even be things that you like to do! Like a productive hobby, or favorite pastime. You can raise energy as simply or as complex as you’d like to. Whatever can put you in a lucid state is good for energy raising. Below are some methods you can choose for energy raising, but remember, the important thing is to not wear yourself out doing so. Exhaustion is a fairly common occurrence to beginners and some advanced, if they’re not careful.

1.) Meditation. (There is also a whole article on this in our Pagan Articles section for further, more in-depth reading) This is the most common type of energy raising. There are also many methods to it, and is often added on to other actions to raising energy. A lot of meditation deals with visualization as well, but it ranges from simply sitting down outside or in a quiet place, to laying down with some lit incense, and even just taking deep breaths. It’s a simple concept to grasp, but actually difficult to master. But as I said, there are numerous ways to meditate, so don’t be afraid to try the method that works best for you, or even try a couple of other methods that might help you meditate!

2.) Chanting. Quite another common type of energy raising, this can be coupled with certain music, or just your voice. Often the chanting eventually escalates, and this is the point where you would direct your energy to an intent. For some, this can be distracting, but again, this too can be coupled with other actions. Some chanting is already considered a spell, so it could be the bulk of your energy raising and directing. Just keep in mind that the words do not have to rhyme, but you can make it any length you want or feel comfortable with saying.

3.) Drumming. LOTS of people do this, and it is especially prominent in things like rituals or festivals. Drumming is a good way to raise energy because you would be focusing on the beats of the instrument (And the chanting, if there is any). You don’t even have to have a huge drum made from an animal’s hide. You could be tapping your pen on a desk or even just drumming your fingers (So long as this isn’t distracting anyone else). Get creative with this one! It can be lots of fun!

4.) Knitting. Or weaving, or sewing. If you have a knack for this, then by all means, go right ahead and weave up your energy! Use anything from cotton, to yarn, to hemp, even blades of grass. It’s an excellent way of meditation as well. And it’s another way to get creative.

5.) Dancing. If you love it, do it! It won’t matter if you can or can’t because nobody has to see you! raising energy this way, however, requires a bit more energy in itself, since your whole body will be active. However, if it works for you, then you could even couple it with the drumming and the chanting, if you’re around others or have it on a CD.

As I’ve said, there are SO many ways to bring up energy, the list just goes on, and I’d be here all day! If you have a couple methods to share or have any questions, don’t be afraid to indulge in some healthy discussion!

Beginning Witchcraft: Energy Manipulation

If you have learned how to meditate, the next step to becoming an adept spell caster is learning how to manipulate and control your energy. First, you must understand what we mean by energy… Unfortunately, this is hard to show with only words. All creatures have energy, all objects have energy, the ocean, the air, the earth, and fire all have energy- It is easy to describe where it can be found but perhaps describing the nature of energy is beyond the scope of the human mind. Electricity is the form of energy we are familiar with, but biological and natural energy is different from electricity. Our energy is our life force. The inexplicable ‘spark’ that allows us to wake up and live. There are many physical explanations for this, but science can only answer ‘why’ so many times. What causes us to truly live? What keeps us in balance and allows us to heal, mentally and physically? Our personal energy.

There are many forms of healing that are believed to work by correcting energy flow and thus enhancing our ability to heal. There are also techniques wherein a person takes their personal energy and pushes it right to the site of the pain or injury to spur on healing and pain relief. There are even exercises developed that involve moving all your energy from your toes to your head, through your chakras, to clean and energize yourself.

This indescribable energy has been referred to by many names. It can be called chi, qi, psi, and many other things. Qi Gong is a practice of energy exercises, like I mentioned above. However, you do not need to practice Qi Gong to practice witchcraft. You merely need to recognize your energy and learn to move and control it.

This can be hard, or it can be easy. The easiest way to start is by ‘feeling’ your energy. Close your eyes and ‘feel’ and visualize yourself full with bright, buzzing energy. The color can be any color of your choosing, or just go with what you naturally think of. I personally see a light blue. Typically, when I do this I feel warm, and a bit tingly. If you do not it is fine, but if you do feel warm, don’t be afraid of it- It’s normal.
Next, you should try to visualize this energy shifting from one place to another. For example, try moving the energy from your left arm over to your right arm, and then take that combined bunch of energy and move it back to your left arm. You may feel a shift in the warmth while you do this.

This energy, and moving it, is important in witchcraft. You use your personal energy, energy created by chanting, or energy taken from other sources to actually reach out and create the changes you want. However, you cannot make changed to the outside world without putting your energy out there- so what is the best way to learn how to take your energy out of your body? psi balls.

These are simply balls of energy you create using the chakras in your palms. First, rub your hands together and then quickly pull them apart, this sensitizes your palm chakras and you may feel some tingling, this is normal. Hold your hands across from each other, a few inches apart, ready to make the ball. Next, visualize your energy gravitating towards your hands, making them glow with light, until finally they overflow, and the energy floods out from your palm chakras. Now, you should visualize this energy between your hands, floating there. You can now begin to shape it into a ball, using your hands or just using your mind. Once the energy has taken the form of a sphere, congratulations! You made your first psi ball.

There are many other ways to make psi balls. Some people prefer to use a small amount of energy to make a ‘shell’ for the ball first, and then they fill the shell with as much energy as it will take. Others have become adept at it and can simply do it on command.
You should experiment with your psi ball, try changing the color of the energy within it, or making them different sizes. You can try different shapes too. If you wish, you can take your energy and put it into a physical object rather than putting it into a ball, use the same method, just push the energy into the object. Crystals work well for this.

But of course, a simple psi ball wont change the world. You have to program your energy, which is much easier than it sounds. Simply think of what you want the energy to do, saying it in your head, and then using the same concept of moving your energy from earlier, push that concept into the psi ball. You can program crystals, ritual tools, and other objects as well. Once the energy has been programmed, you can let it go and send it off to do whatever it’s been programmed to do. This does work best for spells, and there are limits to it. For example I wouldn’t program a psi ball to go make me some nachos, it can’t do that. I also wouldn’t go tell it to retrieve my cat for me. There are limits to these things. But I could program energy to attract prosperity or luck to me, and expect it to do that.

Moving Past Psi Balls
Once you learn how to create psi balls, you can start working with other energy maneuvers. A very popular way to program and generate energy at the same time is chanting. This is why many spells you will see on the net rhyme, it makes them easier to chant. As an experiment, make up a small rhyming chant to bring energy to yourself. Now sit in one place and chant it, with the intent to generate energy. Chant it over and over again, with power and intent in your voice (You can mentally chant too, but this is more difficult for beginners). Visualize and feel energy swarming around you, being gathered and pulled in by your strong intent. Many people see the energy come in as a cone shape, swirling around them, with the tip of the cone reaching up into the sky. Some people ‘pull’ energy down from the sky (like from the sun or moon) using this method, as well.

The benefit of this is that your chanting programs the energy for you, and so you don’t have to worry about doing it afterward. This energy can be directed towards a purpose just as your psi ball can.

Pulling energy from objects or other sources is a bit difficult for beginners but if you wish to practice, here’s how to do it. Find your source and see it full of energy, just like yourself. Now, mentally pull on that energy, pulling it away in chunks. Some people also visualize it as a rope of energy, which they grab and pull as much of they need out of the object. You can put this energy into yourself or into another object.

Grounding is important so that you do not have bad energy, or too much energy. Too much energy, good or bad, can make you feel a bit under the weather. The way most people do this is by standing or sitting with both feet flat on the ground. Then, they visualize ‘roots’ made of energy going down from their feet and into the ground, and they push all their excess energy and bad energy down back into the earth through those roots. This should be done after every spell or ritual, or whenever you feel you need to rid yourself of bad or stale energy.

These are the basics of energy manipulation. As always any questions can be directed to the forum, where someone will gladly answer you as soon as possible.

Beginning Witchcraft: Meditation

Meditation may seem like an odd place to start for many new witches, however it is necessary- Witchcraft is, at the most basic level, energy manipulation, and if you don’t know how to control your mind and your energies then you will find little, if any success.

This goes against the modern mindset of craving instant gratification, but I believe once you begin meditating you will find it to be a worthwhile and rewarding activity, regardless of if you continue on into deeper witchcraft or not.

To meditate, you must first understand what meditation is. In its simplest terms, meditation is finding inner peace within yourself. It takes you to a calm, clear state of mind where you may relax and clear your energies, or ponder things in your own personal peace and quiet.

This may sound difficult to people who are used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but once you get used to it, it can come as second nature to many people.

First of all, you must find a relatively quiet place where you can be alone for however long you wish to meditate. Next, either lay down, flat, or sit up with your back straight.

Either is okay, but the general consensus is that your back should be as straight as possible, and you should be in a position where you can be comfortable for some time. Many people cover themselves with a light blanket to ensure they do not get cold during meditation. If you wish, you may put on some soft music to accompany you.

This is mostly to help cover background noise such as speaking, a tv, the radio.. etc. I do not recommend songs with lyrics as you may end up concentrating on the lyrics.

It should be, ideally, nature sounds or something orchestral. There are many forms of music created and intended for meditation- so simply find something you like, if you want to use music at all.

Now, when you’re settled into your position, begin to take deep, calming breaths, and close your eyes. Pick a color, any color that relaxes you, and focus on it- I usually pick white, and visualize being surrounded by white light.

As you breath in, inhale this colored energy, and as you breath out, exhale any stale energy or pain that’s within you. Once you’ve become filled with this energy, visualize yourself in that expanse of energy, and (still visualizing only) see yourself begin to walk.

Tell yourself that you are walking to a place where you can find inner peace, and as you walk, allow your mind and your imagination to create this place.

For me, this is a forest with a stream and some other elements. It can really be anything for other people, and doesn’t have to involve nature at all.
When you find yourself here, you should find it very relaxing. Allow yourself to relax.

Allow your mind to be clear. If any thoughts arise or distract you, gently brush them away and continue.

Once you are in this state it is up to you what you do. You can do energy manipulation exercises, which will be covered in another article, or you can simply sort through your thoughts.

It is a very relaxing and rewarding form of self therapy, and better, in many cases, than counseling or medication because it allows you to come to your own resolutions about your own problems.

Coming out of a meditative state is easy- you can do it slowly, by ‘walking’ back out of your area and slowly waking yourself up, or you can just shake it off after deciding you are done.

Depending on time constraints, I do whichever is more appropriate at the time. I hope that you can find this information useful, and that meditation will bring you to your inner peace.

Finding Magick in the Mundane

A whole slew of websites and books include essays about living magickally, finding the magickal things in life in completely mundane ways. Many of them don’t go into much detail.

Something much agreed on is that witches and Wiccans are supposed to be the “wise ones.” That’s where the word comes from, is it not? There’s no reason that anybody who reads this can’t try one or two things.

Everybody’s attitude could use a little improvement, and everybody could always be a little bit better a person. Here are a few ways to do just that:

•Be respectful. Don’t be violent, spiteful, or vengeful. Be polite to the people you meet. Be a listener. Be kind. This should be a clean, obvious one. Plenty of people preach about it, but how many people actually are completely respectful, kind folks? Try it for a day, you’ll feel better about yourself.
•Treat nature with Reverence. Take time to notice everything around you. The fresh air, the trees, the clouds, the flowers, weeds, grass… everything. No matter where you are, there’s always something to be grateful for. Just take the time to notice it, to be grateful for it.
•Take nothing for granted.
•Study something new. Make it a goal to learn something every day. If you can’t think of anything to check out, read a few news articles. Part of being a good witch is gathering knowledge. We are the Wise Ones. Let’s prove it.
•Treat Yourself with Respect. Eat healthy. Get a little light exercise. Relax for a few minutes. Get enough sleep. Taking care of yourself should never be an “indulgence.” It should just “be.”
•Spend some time in deep thought. Let the philosophical part of your mind run wild. Thinking deeply will allow yourself to think of things that wouldn’t come to mind otherwise. Morality, mortality, and the meaning of love are all good places to start. You’ll probably come back to them, too.
•Doodle. You can let out some stress and learn about yourself at the same time. All art is sacred, from music, to painting, to street dance. From Picasso to your baby brother’s scribbles. From Bach to… you get the point. Scribble ceremoniously, if you so please.

These are just the basic few at the top of my head. If you master these and are ready for more, simply think about what’s important to you. At the same time, after you’ve mastered these, I’m sure more will come naturally.

©2009 “Gracie”

Simple Color and Healing with Water

Notes: Please refer to our color correspondence chart for choosing colors. As far as choosing crystals, there may be an article on that at a later date, but at the moment there is not one. If you have any questions as to what crystals mean or represent, please ask in the forums and we can address your concerns on a one-on-one basis.

Ah, color and crystal healing- two very, very expansive categories of healing, and very versatile. However, you needn’t get a book, or a class, or a mentor to use these wonderful tools. In fact, basic color and crystal healing require nothing but some water, and your crystals or coloring materials.
For this technique, you should use a CLEAR bottle, material does not matter. The water should be purified water, but tap water will do, and into this you will place your crystal. For color healing you can either wrap the bottle in cellophane/cellotape in the color of your choice (MUST allow light to pass through, whichever you use), or you can simply color the bottle using markers.

With markers, you can even draw symbols on the bottle, such as runes you wish to use to absorb the energies of. If you have translucent colored marbles, you may also use these, but make sure they are glass and that you sterilize them first, by boiling. DO NOT boil crystals as heat will make them crack.. you will have to settle for washing them very well.

What you need to do once you’ve put your crystals/marbles/etc in your bottle, or colored your bottle however you wish, is pour water into the bottle. It can be purified water, tap water, boiled (and cooled) tap water, anything you’d like as long as it is clear, drinkable water. Now, place the water bottle into sun or moonlight for 12 hours, or as long as the sun/moonlight is present.

The idea is that the color, crystal, symbols, etc, filter the sun or moon energy being absorbed into the water, and so the water takes on energy, but only the type you want. So lets say you wanted water to use in a love spell. You could use rose quartz, or wrap the bottle in red, pink, or rose cellophane, and then let it sit in the moonlight. The light would filter through the cellophane, and energize the water with the properties of the color or crystal you chose.
Or perhaps you are feeling a bit down in the dumps. Pick some bright, healing, energizing colors or crystals and use those, in the sunlight. Although this is a very basic method, it is one that lends itself heavily to experimentation- try out a small rainbow of colors, or a variety of crystals. Some people even claim they notice taste differences between the different types of water. Once you’ve created this water, you can simply consume it, or use it for anointing purposes, or for rituals.

This water is especially great for healing purposes. For example, Citrine water would have an INTENSE positive energy, which would be a good help for bringing yourself out of a rut. Color-waters are good for chakra or color healing. If someone, or yourself, has blocked charkras, find out which color would assist that specific chakra and choose that one. You can experiment with this, mix and match techniques. Some people even make rainbow water, put it out for a full 24 hours, and use it as a way to boost themselves up energetically throughout the day.

Some more Notes:
White can be done by using clearish white cellophane or just by using a clear bottle. Black can be done with a very deep purple or with strips of black cellophane with clear spaces in between them.
Make sure you do not drink the marbles/crystals etc. Pour the water into a cup before consuming, so you can make sure you remove the objects before you drink it.
Crystals can be used again and again- same with other materials. You may also use colored glass bottles instead of cellophane.
Sun energy will be a more vibrant, high frequency energy, more suited for drinking and healing oneself. For ritual work, Moon energy is much more mellow. Of course, if doing a ritual that calls for sun/moon presence and wishing to use this technique as a part of that, use whichever the ritual calls for.

Hollywood Misconceptions Pt 3: Theatrical Spell Effects

Magic, and occultism in general, have a long relationship with the movie business. It seems as though people have always been fascinated by metaphysical and otherwordly themes, and in this day and age, with special effects thriving and improving every day, sensationalism has become a standard in most of these movies. We’ve all seen it, the huge fireballs, or firestarting as easy as the press of a button, bolts of lightning from the casters’ fingertips, spectacular theatrical displays, usually all brought forth with a short catch phrase and a flick of the wrist. Many people see these impossible feats on the silver screen, and dream of doing them themselves- thus sparking their interest in magick and witchcraft.

Although it would make the existence of magick infinitely easier to prove, these effects are, unfortunately, nothing more than theatrics. In fact, many of them are flawed even as a concept. If you try to charge up a ‘bolt’ of energy and throw it at someone like in a movie, people are more likely to laugh at you then go flying backwards and be defeated. Though there are people who would swear up and down that such a type of ‘wizards duel’ is really possible, it has never been proven, and anyone burdened with providing proof usually becomes ‘busy’, and insists they ‘don’t have the time’ to prove it, or they don’t have a camera, any excuse to avoid needing to prove something.

As far as firestarting and fireballs, though people also claim this is real, most proof of it is tenuous at best- in this case, I urge you to make your own decision. It is not up to me to decide what is or is not possible in this world, what I can say, however, is that this has also never been proven. Most pictures or videos provided as proof were edited somehow, or done in such a way that it was a performance trick- not real magick.

So, how about linking entire spells to certain words? Well, this can be done, but it is incredibly difficult. It involves associating that combination of words in your mind, to the effect you want to produce. So, just like if I said “Dog”, you would think of a dog, you would have to train yourself, essentially, that whenever you said the name of your spell, you pushed forth that spell in your mind, to be able to do it on command. Those that can do this usually say its just a shortcut, and not really a replacement for normal ritual. That, combined with the difficulty of actually managing to do it, makes it seem a little bit futile to me.

Overall, Hollywood magic is usually nothing close to real magick, and though the real world of witchcraft and magick is very fascinating, it can seem quite dull if you try to expect impossible things from it, or make it something it isn’t meant to be. When you work with magick, you are working with nature, working with the world around you, and though our world is amazing… if such things were possible naturally, Hollywood would not be using computers to do it.